UFO Sighting in Salisbury, Maryland on 2017-11-10 05:10:00 - I had a portal in my bedroom twice.

I was in my home asleep and woke up abruptly...Set up in my bed and looked to my right and there was a portal about the size of a doorway. it was multi colors...I watched for about 20-30 seconds as it rolled upwards like rolling a carpet up but going vertical. it went the height of the window in mid air and two foot from the window...It travel to the top of the window and rolled up the wall another foot and exited through the corner of the ceiling and wall. when i tell the story...Everyone asks me what did i do...I told them i had to go pee. what this tells me this has happened before...It was nothing new to me if this makes any sense. this happened again...This time it tried to camouflage itself against two walls in the corner. it then rolled up the wall and disappeared. i wish to add that i see ufos everywhere i travel...My experience is that they are not nice.