UFO Sighting in Pocatello, Idaho on 2018-11-16 00:00:00 - I saw what looked to be flashing like a high up plane would but moving in a very odd way. changing directions often and quickly

There isn't a ton to tell but i went outside my house to smoke a cigarette at approximately a half hour past midnight. when i looked up at the sky i saw what looked similar to a high up air plain flashing but it was changing directions pretty quickly but stayed hovering in the same general area so i thought maybe it was some kind of drone. i pulled my phone out the see of i could zoom in on it and see what it was and when i did it seemed to repeatedly for lack of a better word desinagrat into a colorful puff of who knows what then come back together sometimes in a different place. when i was done smoking i stopped recording and went back into my house. i recorded it on a samsung galaxy note 8 so the camera should be pretty good. not saying for sure aliens but you folks are the experts. :) it was a pretty incredible thing to see.