UFO Sighting in Caroga Lake, New York on 2018-11-14 19:24:00 - Ufo event over caroga lake ny

First saw 4 lights above tree line (2 sets of 2) as i was driving home from work. i didn't think too much of them as i believed they were probably a home up a mountain (i live in adirondack park). as i passed the caroga lake courthouse i was shocked to see 1 large circular light alone in the sky. as soon as i saw it i knew it was something special. it appeared clear and large, and was brighter than the four lights i saw previously. it had a whitish-orange glow to it and felt "nuclear" - extremely intense glow that illuminated surrounding clouds and pulsated slightly. it resembled a small sun. i would approximate the light to have been about a mile away from me in the sky. i pulled over in the volunteer fire dept. parking lot and as soon as i stopped a 2nd and 3rd light appeared in sequence right next to the first. i grabbed for my cell phone to record this amazing event, but as i grabbed it i looked up in just in time to see all three lights blink out at almost the same time (split second they were gone). i called a family member that was approx. 3 miles down the road to tell them to go outside and look up. i hung up and turned my car around and went back to the courthouse. i got out of the vehicle and immediately saw 2 dull, pulsating red lights coming from the direction of where the 3 bright lights were. they came quite close to me but only appeared as lights, i couldn't see an actual craft. there was a man in the parking lot who i called to and he too saw one of the red lights (the other one was more behind him). he just said "oh yhea ufo" and walked away towards the courthouse entrance as if he didn't care much. there were almost instantly multiple aircraft in the area and 1 in particular that appeared to follow the general direction of the 2 red lights. i believe the other aircraft appeared before the 2 red lights took off. these 2 red lights were not planes at all, totally silent and floated along in a smooth, odd manner that felt very odd. they moved quickly, but not at an unearthly speed. when i first saw the 2 red lights they were in a downward "swoop" from where the white-orange lights were, but they eventually straightened their path and continued on until out of sight.I will never forget this event because i have no explanation of what i saw.