UFO Sighting in Big Bear, California on 2018-10-29 18:00:00 - 2 bright lights in close proximity....Stationary for 15 sec then left area at super high speed leaving a trail

At approx 1800 pst while standing on my porch, i observed 2 btight lights at high altitude of the mtn range north of big bear. at first i thought they were stars the realised that i have never seen that cluster before.Most of the stars were still dim but these were super bright. i watched them for about 15 sec the they excellarated at high speed vanishing to the north and leaving a trail of some kind which vanished just as quickly. i was stuned. i am a usaf vet / private pilot / sky watcher so i know aircraft and aircraft behavior/ light configuration. i can honesty say this was not air traffic or an aircraft. simply put....This was a ufo as aircraft cannot excellarate that quickly. if i had to guess, the alt was approx 30,000 ft at the time of the sighting.