UFO Sighting in Williamson, West Virginia on 2018-06-12 22:08:00 - Lights in sky no way airplane

I was out in the middle of our street hardly any traffic and it was warm summer night. my aunt and uncle lived next door to us. i happened to look up in the sky and noticed 4 lights in a square one light on each corner. the lights flew north east towards where my mother lives and two of the lights the top and bottom left lights separated and flew unknown distance across sky and the other two hovered in place. i went and got my aunt so she could witness this. she came outside i showed her the lights and the two that separated came back towards the two that was hovering and rejoined it and made the square of lights again. and they flew off toward the north east till they were out of sight. when i seen this is when i now believe in ufos.