UFO Sighting in Claremont, California on 2018-10-11 19:55:00 - One white orb stuttering in 1 direction, then meandered around. then second orange orb blinked on, brightened, and zipped off.

I was cooling down after walking the dog at approximately 7 55 pm in the driveway, when looking up at the stars, saturn, etc., i noticed a light traversing slowly from the sw.Seemingly stuttering along in a herky jerky manner. i don't have the best eyesight, and knowing that my breathing and equilibrium could be affecting my vision, i took a few deep breaths,calmed myself down and looked again. it was still moving in an unorthodox manner, starting and nearly stopping in a wobbly line from the wsw. it made no sound whatsoever, and occasionally flashed like a cell phone flash, but dimly. knowing something about the subject, i tried projecting my thoughts for it to move to my left to prove that it was not just one of the many conventional aircraft passing by. completely ineffective. nonetheless i continued to notice that it meandered around in a non purposeful manner in an area 20 to 30 degrees nearly overhead. it appeared star like but with occasional flashes. started to wonder if this could be a drone (in a restricted flight zone),but i could not hear anything and it was after 8 p.M. over a residential area. dog didn't seem to react. it definitely would stop and remain perfectly stationary. almost seemed as if it were a living thing. i then went in the house to grab my mom to verify what i was seeing. she did see it, but being very skeptical said it was some government thing and went back in. when i came back out i was thinking to myself that it would sure be nice if i could have some kind of colloberating evidence that this was not just a drone. just about that moment a second orb just flashed on a thumb length away n.W. it was a little brighter and orangish. seemed to have some kind of connection to the other orb, as they turned in unison like they were two ends of an unseen rod. after about 4 or 5 seconds, the second orb became brighter and just flashed off. having my verification now i couldn't keep straining my neck and went inside. the whole event lasted about 20 - 25 minutes. sky was pretty clear for here, and weather was breezy and cool. funny i never thought about getting the smartphone camera, but with all the streetlights might have been hard to film. hope this means something. yours truly.