UFO Sighting in San Marcos, California on 2018-07-18 16:15:00 - Object moved like a plane then stopped mid air, looked like a star with slow reflections

Around 415pm pst on july 18th, 2018 while driving, i noticed a bright star like object moving across the sky at a high altitude resembling a high flying plane flying eastward that could be reflecting the sunlight. once i parked my vehicle i looked back at the object and it had stopped in mid air. the object then slowly moved back westward for a short period, then dimmed out of my eyesight. i then began to walk to my home when the object appeared again, resembling a very bright star. it was stationary long enough for me to have my daughter (17 yrs of age) come out and observe with me. it was clearly above the thin layer of clouds that passed by. the clouds were heading in a north west direction and the object stayed in one place. it would slowly dim out of sight and then become extremely bright. the object then slowly dimmed out of sight shortly afterward again. we waited about 2-3 minutes and the object was visible in same location. my daughter pointed out airplanes flying below the object as well. soon after the object was not visible anymore.