UFO Sighting in Richmond, Virginia on 2018-07-09 14:10:00 - Ufo disc daytime sighting while exiting i-295 w onto i-95 s outside richmond, va

My girlfriend and i saw what we believe was a shiny metallic disc-shaped ufo while driving our car on i-295 west while exiting onto i-95 south outside richmond, va at 2:10 p.M., monday, july 9, 2018. i was driving my girlfriend to her doctor's appointment. our sighting lasted about one minute or less. while slowing to exit from one interstate highway to another i noticed what appeared to be a metallic saucer-shaped craft high in the air. the craft was north of our position at about 45 degrees above the horizon. i estimate the altitude may have been 10,000-15,000 feet (higher than a light prop plane but lower than a cruising airliner). at the time there was a sunny clear-blue sky to the north without clouds and unlimited visibility. there were clouds to the south but they were not a factor. i watched the craft trying to determine whether it might be an airplane but there was absolutely no discernible movement, nor were there any faa lights, markings, noise or vapor trails. the disc was hovering and reflecting the sunlight. i'm 58 years old, bs with honors, am familiar with military and civilian spacecraft and aircraft, meteorology, astronomy, and relatives from nasa, nsa, and army helicopters. this craft did not appear to be one of "ours." after deciding for myself that the craft in question might very well be an extraterrestrial vehicle rather than a man-made aircraft i pointed it out to my girlfriend. she observed the shiny hovering disc for about 15 seconds and came to the same conclusion. my girlfriend also is mature, college degreed, and the owner/operator of an online store. we both watched the disc hover, seemingly motionless, reflecting the sun, and then it appeared to vanish into thin air without a trace. we scanned the clear-blue sky but the "saucer" apparently cloaked itself, raced off in the blink of an eye, and/or perhaps disappeared into another dimension of time/space. we did not see or hear any man-made aircraft in the sky in that direction at the time of our disc sighting. only the shiny metallic saucer-shaped craft. no clouds, airplanes or helicopters. however, both of us heard a military jet fighter roar over our house at approximately 10 a.M. the same day, about four hours before we saw the ufo disc. we live in rural king william county about 30 minutes northeast of where we saw the disc. we have seen many black unmarked helicopters over our property, and occasional jets, especially in conjunction with other resident's ufo reports, but i believe this was the first jet fighter in a few months and we found it noteworthy since the fighter plane was monitoring our area a few hours before we saw the ufo. just a "coincidence"? there is an army base with heliports and airstrips controlled by the nsa, including "secret" underground tunnels, about 30 minutes northwest of our home but the aforementioned chopper and jet-fighter flights are not routine and nearly always coincide with mufon/nuforc reports by other local witnesses. my girlfriend and i believe the ets are mostly benign and it's the "shadow government" and military/industrial/intelligence complex that people should be concerned about. we believe the ets probably monitor the shadow government facilities and vice versa. we believe the latter information and opinion is relevant and should be considered in conjunction with our possible extraterrestrial disc sighting because of the unusual jet fighter roaring over our house the same day.