UFO Sighting in Hackettstown, New Jersey on 2018-07-09 14:14:00 - Witnessed many orbs in sunligh moving in various directions.

I was in my driveway working on my car. i was working on my ham radio antenna looking up the air and noticed the small round white or a star like looking. moving in various directions. i thought it might be satellite being backlit by the sun. objects were small moving very fast some of them i didn’t see till i viewed the video tape afterwards. they keep appearing in and out of the video tape. i’ve seen orbs like that before i just never reported them. would very much like to know what experts have to say about what the orbs. are they natural objects in the sky or something unnatural. please carefully review the video tape they are hard to see unless you view the video frame by frame. it would be very much appreciated if someone would be able tell me what these objects are.