UFO Sighting in California on 2018-07-09 23:20:00 - Glowing flame colored object that looked like a star exploded.

I was in my house on my phone when my brother called me outside to look at something in the sky. he later told me that the neighbor saw it then told my brother who told me. i came outside with my phone and saw a glowing orange star like object in the sky stationary. it began moving very slowly and smoothly almost where you couldnt tell it was moving. then it started glowing brighter and looked to be coming closer. it then started to descend and i could see it a little better. i could see what looked like flames or heat swaying left and right behind it and when it got lower it looked like it was getting closer. then i could see the shape which looked like a human with legs arms and a head. then it went lower in the opposite direction moving very smoothly and descended behind a treetop and exploded right above it. it was not a regular explosion it looked like electricity but spread out like a firework. but it was all embers that were big then they spread out and dissapeared. but they didnt fall to the ground they spread out. the camera didnt pick it up good but it was a orange flame colored object unlike anything i have ever seen on movies youtube tv anywhere. i was told it came from the same direction it was descending and hovered in the sky before i came out to record it.