UFO Sighting in Elyria, Ohio on 2018-06-16 22:30:00 - Started out with a bright light then somethings disc shape came over our head and took off at high speeds followed twenty seconds later by a plane. this went on for hours and two even seemed to collide. thesky turned white for 4 seconds then it stopped.

(567) 686-9377 we were coming home from the store and saw a star like object besides the moon and it seemed to hover and float. it would flash and get bigger and smaller. we went home and saw the light and 2 more appeared. they would flash and change colour. we were sitting in the driveway and saw a disc shaped object fly over head making absolutely no sound. it had lights on the bottom. a plane came after it 20 seconds later and it took off. this went on for a while. there was triangular shaped object with three lights on the bottom and it flew close to another one. there was a humming noise. the sky lit up white for 4 seconds and then every cloud was gone.