UFO Sighting in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 2018-05-21 22:20:00 - Saucer shaped only able to see three front lights

I was feeling strange like before you are put under for anastasia, then my daughter looked out our bedroom window and said mom that odd noise is coming from that weird looking plane. "she is only 9 and we rarely leave the house." i looked and saw a chrome maybe kind of saucer shaped ship about maybe 45 degrees above the horizon. it had tree glowing really bright lights that were deemed. i told my daughter to take a picture.. before we could get our phones it took off going west over our house. it made a sound like i have never heard before. it was similar to a high pitched hum but felt more like a frequency that caused a vibration with a very low sound radius. i don't know this bothers me cause we don't go out only to get groceries and see the dr and this is going to be at least the 4th maybe 5th object we have seen in the past few years. trust me i'm not looking for these things. also i'm not making a second report, but on my way to my back drs, i saw a chrome to silver object that looked like the ship from "flight of the navigator". it was up very high and it was going south i was near 61st and harvard in tulsa. it was very high up and just disappeared into the air. didn't fly out of site just faded in to nothingness. that happened today at 10:40 am may 22,2018. i was driving and could not take a picture before it faded into the air. i don't even like to post but this is 2nd unidentified air ship i've seen in less then 12 hours. i just hope it is just military test new aircraft.