UFO Sighting in South Roxana, Illinois on 2015-11-01 00:00:00 - Fireball that manifested into beam of rapidly moving light

My wife and i were riding in our town around midnight on 10/31/15 to 11/1/15 and we were on the main street. i looked up to the east and witnessed a fireball in the sky about 75 to 80 feet.I noticed it because the ball of fire was extremely bright. living very close to an oil refinery also got my attention because a huge unexplained flame source could cause problems for the refinery. it hovered for about 5 minutes and it manifested into a very intense ball of light that went straight forward, such as what a fighter-type aircraft would do, but the light did not maintain a straight path. it went from level flight to directly vertical. a normal aircraft couldn't do this because it would cause the engines to stall. we followed the beam the best we could throughout town, until the beam made a very sharp turn west, and at that point i had to do some turning around. the beam then went on a westwardly path going from level flight to vertical in a manner that would still stall out any propulsion sources that we currently have available. the beam of light, which really was more like a round shape then went over the oil refinery property where we could no longer follow it because the property is protected by guards and is monitored for trespassers. my wife and i were both very excited because we had never witnessed anything like this so close, but were disappointed when we couldn't chase after the object anymore. there is a sizable municipal airport about 4 miles from where we last saw the object, and in the direction that our object was heading, so it is a possibility that maybe our object was seen by more than just the two of us? i still remember the event like it just happened, so producing a sketch of the events wouldn't be a problem.