Black Triangle Sighting in Kilnamanagh, County Dublin on 2018-03-29 17:30:00 - Black, smooth, no sound, three orbs, two static, left pulsed, large black orb center, lines at base, two red lights at back, below cloud level

It was royghly a week or so before my brother got back from being abroad, which was on april the forth, so it was end of march, could have been a week up to or the week from the 29th of march. it was a tuesday or thursday.I rember thinking about it as i decided to take the dog for a walk around to the local football pitches. i put my phone on charge and left the house aprox 5.20 and brought the dog to the field. i was bent at one knee about to take the dog off the leash when i looked up and saw a large black craft pass over silently above my head from behind. it did not fly normally, it more sailed or glided. there was no sound, not even a break of air, this craft was well below the cloud level, to a point i could almost reach out and touch it. i was capticated by this, i dont remember standing but i must have done as i followed it, directly under neath it. it was triangular in shape, there were zero edges on the craft, its side and form were perfectly smooth and percision perfect, i could see patterns in it, like the skin of a reptile or something, its hard to describe but it looked like it was plated except without rivet or any noticable joints, its was perfectly smooth in all directions. like a layer of black skin. there were three orbs at each point of the craft, the forward orb and the right orb were static and did not pulse, the orb on the left was pulsing, not rapid or like we see on a regular craft, it was like it was breathing is the only way i can descibe it, slow deep breaths, if you try it yourself you will get the idea. the lights were a mix tint of white, green and blue.. it sailed above my head and i followed beneath it looking to get as much detail as i could, the bottom section contained a large black orb which i could not make out, it appeared empty and hollow, but what drew my attention was the lines which ran a long the base, they were angular and symmetrical and ran a long the under side of the craft, it was these lines that helped me discern the hollow black center. i can draw them the vision is so embeded in my mind, again there was zero sound, i watched as the craft crept away from me and saw at its rear, two red lights at the back, like car lights, i could see indents in them three seperate blocks of red light together to make one at each side. the center in between had what appeared to be pipes, or valves, if you can imagine then look at star trek the next generation, they have thos containers in them, the centre looked something like that, except again it was smooth, like it all joined together as one. the craft continued away from me and entered a thin cloud, i followed it through on its path until it emerged from the other side and slowly banked to the right. it continued to move over some houses, it could have been further but from my vantage point it looked like it was over houses, where it stopped and began to pulse several times before blinking out of exsistance. aprox three weeks prior i heard trumpet noises mixed with meatl work noises coming from the sky, then to see this craft after, there is something going on. id be more than happy to give a tour to anyone who would like to see where this took place, i can draw in detail what i saw and i can show you the exact location and path this craft took. there is a lot of activity around my way, i'd like for someone to come talk to me about this experience. it's something i'll never forget