UFO Sighting in Meenacladdy, County Donegal on 1980-05-31 00:00:00 - One large craft. four smaller crafts ejected at same time north south east west then returned at same time to main craft

I was living in a rural part of ireland at the time and walking home on a warm summers evening in the open countryside. i happened to look up to the sky and saw a large round object in the distance. i knew it wasn’t a plane as it was the wrong shape. i kept on walking and watching it. after a few minutes four much smaller discs came out of the object all at the same time. one from the top, bottom, right and left side. the four discs only went so far from the larger object, stayed for a few minutes and then returned, all at the same time. by this time i had reached my front door. i knew it was a ufo and i wanted to tell my brother to come out with his camera to take a photo. unfortunately by the time he came to the door the craft began to move off to the side and disappeared. my brother didn’t see anything and said i should have knocked sooner! i didn’t feel afraid but did feel lucky to have seen something so unusual.