UFO Sighting in Seaford, Virginia on 2017-10-25 00:00:00 - Aircraft flew over me as i was fishing. with in 1/4 mile as flew overhead.

i was fishing in a small creek near my home and first saw a slightly brighter reflection in the water. i looked up and was able to pick out an aircraft (?) flying on a heading of apx 90 degrees. conditions were slightly hazy and i could see the object fairly well. description was of a capitol a. an elongated triangle that shouted to me, a certified faa pilot - supersonic. on the underside on each (wing) were three squares from front to rear. i could not see the aft portion of the aircraft due to the slight haze. in those conditions a photograph would not show details due to light conditions. i judged it to be flying at apx 1,500 feet agl at apx 150 mph, heading 90 degrees. it was a quiet day in our neighborhood, and there was no sound at all from the aircraft. my first thought was, "i have seen my first ufo!" i contacted the tower at patrick henry international airport,va, who referred me to the faa in richmond,va and the pio office at langley afb, va. no one could give me any information on this sighting. one lady i talked to said she had seen an aircraft of this description at langley afb. i suspect it was a drone aircraft, but no one can identify it as such. as it passed over me there was no sound at all. i thought if it flew this close to patrick henry international airfield it would have to have clearance to fly through the airspace. they said it was outside their airspace.