UFO Sighting in Richlands, North Carolina on 2018-03-24 00:00:00 - I opened the back doorbell to my house to let the dogs out and there they were. 5 of them total i have a live picture on my iphones

I saw these objects when i opened my back door this morning to let out my dogs and noticed them shining and moving very strange. one of the objects flew between the others with little effort and they were shinning brightly like they were silver and the sun was hitting them. i woke up my husband quickly to see them so we both saw these objects. it was like they were just floating slowly by and made no noise at all. this is something i have never witnessed before and we live near a military base and i have seen and heard lots of aircraft here but never anything like this and i’ve lived here for 12 years i do have a live photo on my iphone