UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on 1991-02-28 00:00:00 - Dreaming, bright light, paralyzed, blacked out, when i woke up had a wierd mark on my upper arm

Not sure if it matters but it has been in the back of my mind since. i am sure i was sleeping for the night...School night,and suddenly i remeber vividly having a dream where my step father and i were driving down a road in my mothers 1990 dodge minivan. my stepdad asked me to grab a map from between the seats. then the bright white light hit the van and everything powered down but the radio. i could hear the music and see the digital clock on the dash. it was 01:01. i vividly remeber being unable to move or talk. i could make slight noises but no words, and everything was instantly in slow motion even the car. i remeber a slight warmth from the bright light. my stepfather seemed to be like a statue. then the light got so bright everyrhing went blank. i woke up in bed. strangest part was when i started getting ready for school i couldn't shake the weird electric feeling or sensation. i noticed in the mirror a black mark on my arm. in the center was a ellipse shape skin colour, kind of, with two almond shaped black marks on the skin tone ellipse. this was before the internet so we did not have camera's readily available, so i tried to trace it on a piece of paper. then i scrubbed it almost raw with no result.The mark looked like it was under my skin. like you could see a few layers of skin over it. i was scared to tell my mother due to several reasons, so i went to school. when i arrived everyrhing was normal. then i had a flash in my mind of my pencil rolling off my desk and falling in a very particular way. i was jolted by a classmate bumping me and asking if i was ok. i asked why and he siad i seemed spaced out. he kept asking if i was ok so i decided to tell him i had a wierd mark on my arm after a wierd dream. i showed him and he siad it looks like a tattoo. of course rumors started to fly that i had gotten a tattoo at the age of 13 and i was pestered by many to show them my "tattoo" which i didnt because now i was super embarrassed. i left school early and went home very upset over the entire incident. i tried to scrub the "tattoo" off and no change. i was worried if my mother saw it she would be angry so i went to bed early to avoid her. to scared to sleep, because i didnt want to have that dream again, i decided to play witb lego. next thing i remeber was i woke up in my bed, next morning. had that confused feeling as to what happened the night before. went to the bathroom to get ready for school. thats when i noticed the tattoo was gone, all evidence of me trying to scrub it was gone, no scratches or redness. i was so happy but confused. i went to school quickly to show off my arm to those who made fun of me the day before , that it wasnt a tattoo and no one seemed to know what i was talking about. the original friend inshowed it to seemed to be distant now. so now even more confused, we carried on with the day. during science class at the exact sentance from the teacher, and time, during the lesson my pencil began to roll off my desk and land the exact same way i pictured it the day before. i figured i was going crazy, chalked it up to some voodoo dejavue....And never spoke of it again because of the fear of being locked up in an insane asylum. literally. i asked my mother if anyrhing was wierd and she thougbt i was for asking. since then, i have had a constant feeling being watched, but from the inside. like a scientist monitoring and expirement in a petri dish. more on a reasearch level. i have also had wierd sensations of being drawn to locations for no reason at all and then feeling lime i was home even if home was several thousand km away. i use this to my advantage to this day wirh help determining where my next vacation is going to be. i have always figured it may be a dream, but i have recently seen a show on mufon and some cases or parts of cases resemble experiences or thought process i have. im sure its nothing but my curiosity is peaked. did something happen or did i just eat some bad meat before bed one night many years ago?