Snoke And Rey's Origin Comfirmed

No one who cared about Rey left her with that awful Unkar Plutt guy on Jakku. Nor is it a coincidence that Rey's in the exact same place as the Millennium Falcon. Fifteen years ago, Han hid little Rey underneath the floorboards of the Millennium Falcon while saying, "I'll come back for you sweetheart." The Irving Boys then stole the ship. Ducain then stole it from them, who then sold the girl, and the ship, to Unkar Plutt on Jakku. Ducain told Rey that he'd take her back to her family. That's why, during the flashback, little Rey calls out after Ducain, as he's flying off, "No! Come back!" Han effectively lost little Rey, out in space, along with the Millennium Falcon. That's why Rey's in the exact same place as the ship. It's not a coincidence! Han spends the next fifteen years, "double checking the Western Reaches" looking for Rey. Han screws over his fellow smugglers outta their money because he's using that money to try and find Rey. Ren kills Han for committing the crime of losing the girl. A teenage Ben Solo felt Rey's pain on Jakku, causing him to turn to the dark side. According to Star Wars lore a Jedi can sense when a loved one is in pain. (The book "Bloodline" said that Ben didn't go bad until after the age of 23. I think that this was put in just to keep fans from figuring out the truth.) When Ren tells Han that, "His old self was weak and foolish like his father." He says this because Ren also blamed himself for failing to protect little Rey. (Ben's little sis.) When Ren reads Rey's mind, he becomes angry when saying, "You think that Han's like the father you never had. He would of disappointed you." Ren means that Han "disappointed" him "as a father" in some way. All the flashbacks and exposition, explaining all of this, will be delivered to the audience by Han Solo, via a bunch of missed, and omitted, conversations that took place during TFA. Like when Maaz tells Han, "Tell me about the girl." The camera then pans off them. Then later on Leia says, "Han told me about the girl." But we didn't HEAR Han tell Leia about the girl did we? And, I think, that Han does recognize Rey. When Rey "bypasses the compressor" Han has a non-plus reaction and runs to talk to Chewy. Rey makes a face like, "Why did he react that way?" You see how eager Han is to talk to Chewy when he says to BB8, "Ball move!" Han just realized that his long lost little girl was right in front of him. He was shitting his pants! I believe that you'll hear all those, unheard, conversations in episode nine. (More Harrison Ford in Star Wars. Yay!) The original trilogy teased scenarios like Luke killing his own father, to protect his sister, causing him to turn to the dark side, and Leia becoming a Jedi herself. These same scenarios are being played out, and coming to fruition, with Ren and Rey, the next generation. Now it is heavily implied that Rey is Luke's daughter. I do think that Luke has a deceased wife and a long lost child, I just don't think that this child is Rey. I believe that it's actually General Hux. My theory being that; Hux is Luke's force-less born son in disguise. Luke Junior grew up dying of force envy. After interrogating Poe, Ren tells Hux, "I leave that [the non-force magic] to you." Luke Junior is visible seen sneering with jealousy at Han Junior. When Snoke and Ren talk of the "awakening" in the force, Hux is seen walking just off frame. (This is suspiciously done, just to show the audience, that Hux DOESN'T have the force.) Snoke had a member of his shadow council "pass off" Luke Junior as Hux Junior to hide his true identity. Hence why Hux Senior just "discovers" his illegitimate son one day. That's also why "Ginger Hitler" is far too young to be a top military commander. AND that is also WHY is this bad guy a boyishly-handsome, cleft-chinned redhead. Is all this suspicious? Of course! That's because he's the biological product of Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker. Little Rey starting at Luke's Academy must of started this whole mess, and pushed L.J.'s jealousy over the edge. And we all know how the dark side loves Skywalker anger and hated. That's my theory anyway. Thanks for reading!

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