UFO Sighting in Rathdrum, Idaho on 2017-08-04 21:30:00 - Two orange fireballs seen exiting live music over twin lakes, toward the moon

On august 4, 2017 i was listening out my upstairs window to live music from across the lake on lower twin lakes, idaho. the 3/4 moon glowed orange that night, so i was looking south toward the moon when on my right i saw a large bright orange fireball ascend from the trees over the south end of the lake, maybe 50 yards from the live band. i watched as the glowing fireball ascended southeast toward the moon, but it got so small so quickly that within 20 seconds was no longer visible. i stood there asking myself what i just saw, ruling out airplanes or helicopters, when another fireball emerged from the same treed area near the music, ascended in a similar but not exact path of the first, and i lost sight of it again as it approached the moon, by then it looked so small that it was a speck, very quickly. again i asked myself what i just saw, now two, and my first thought was that they were enjoying the music over the lake, as they exited when the band stopped for the night.