UFO Sighting in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta on 2017-08-01 23:42:00 - Glowing orb south of ft saskatchewan

I went outside to have a vape and looked over towards the south end of town and notice an orb glowing in the horizon. i went inside to grab my phone and recorded it. it pulsated and hovered and then eventually faded away. it appeared to be over sherwood park which is over 10 km away. the event lasted about a minute or so. see video. a few days prior, july 31st at 21:15, i saw a bright orb in the distance but this time it was a bright white. as bright as a light tower would have been. i saw it a bit east of the location of the video. it was hovering in the distance for about 10 seconds and then faded away about a min later it appeared further east of the original location and moved east. it then did an 180 degree turn and then faded away. the sighting lasted about 10 seconds. i didn't have my phone with me at this time but made sure that i had it with me afterwards.