UFO Sighting in Culver City, California on 1965-08-15 00:00:00 - Glowing, pink, fuzzy edges, stingray shaped, two dark ovals on bottom, metalic taste in mouth as it hovered

Of course it is so many years now since this happened i am uncertain as to the year or month, but i do remember it was close to midnight because my friend, paul, and i often talked about the girls at the event we went to every week end and the dance ended at 11:00 pm...So we would park in the alley behind where he lived on sawtell blvd. (between venice blvd. and washington blvd.)...I was leaning on the front of my mother's white corvair which was pointed approximately se and from over the tops of some palm trees at the far end of the alley i noticed something very strange looming larger and larger until it cleared the palms and i could see it was a something shaped like a stingray...But the tail wasn't that long...It was glowing pink in a very strange way...The way a black light appears if you stare at it...With fuzzy edges but a very distinct shape...And it was obvious to paul that i was no longer listening to him and he said "what's wrong?" and i pointed to the object as it loomed larger and larger, perfectly silently, moving in a steady slow motion until it was right over us, quite high but quite big...I don't know why i could determine this except it stirred tremendous emotion in me because of this...I had never seen anything even remotely like it...And now paul too was staring up at it as it came to a halt right above us. we were staring straight up at it's underside which had two fuzzy dark ovals in the center...I think we were both so dumbfounded we said nothing...Everything was glowing pink in the alley, the tree tops, the white corvair, our clothing, everything...And i noticed a strange metalic taste in my mouth...How strange, i thought, that it paused right above us like that...Also, i knew for a fact that we were witnessing the very first real contact with extraterrestrials and that all of culver city must be witnessing the same thing...It was sooo huge...Suddenly it departed, kind of sliding off sideways and climbing, but at a speed so fast it left a series of fading images of itself...Then it disappeared altogether in a somewhat northerly direction. so then paul and i run inside his place and wake up his parents and tell them to turn on the television because this is going to be on every channel!...But nothing...His parents say "have you two been drinking?"...We are totally blown away that there is no mention of it on the radio or televsion...Nothing...We keep checking the news for weeks...Nothing...We talk about it together all the time for years...We think we must be mutually crazy...We write our observations and compare notes...It all matches...What should we do? we wonder...If we mention it to others they always say...Oh sure, how come no one else reported it? no one believes us. how could this be, we ask ourselves...What the hell is this? we are frightened and weirdly traumatized by the fact that there is no corroboration of any kind except ourselves...We know we experienced something so profound together. we know it has bonded us for life...That's a laugh...I don't even know if he's still alive...Here i am nearly 70 years old and reliving that night over and over...I often return to that alley and park there and just stare up at an indifferent sky...Once someone said: "what are doing here?"...Naturally i couldn't say...I don't really even know...It's all very peculiar...But still vivid in my mind...And when i think of it i can taste that weird metalic taste in my mouth...It's like taste memory...And i can still see those fading trace images of it in it's sudden departure.