Black Triangle Sighting in Gunnison, Colorado on 2017-06-10 15:00:00 - Two black triangles flew into my view, hovered 2 min, flew away at a high rate of speed-gone from sight in a split second.

1. driving west to the front range of co on i-70 west. 2.Out of the corner of my eye, 3. i have excellent peripheral vision-i saw them out of the corner of my eye and when i looked to my left, i saw two perfect triangles. i thought they were fighter jets, but i've never seen perfectly triangular fighter jets, and we were nowhere close to a base. 4. two perfect triangles, black in color, the tips of the triangles were silver-not gray-very shiny. that's what caught my eye to begin with-the shiny silver. they zoomed into my view to the left (south), stopped and hovered for about 2 minutes, and then took off to the south at a high rate of speed, gone from my sight in less than a minute. 5. i was shocked! i asked if anyone else had seen what i just saw, and no one had. i was fully awake, i know what i saw wasn't of this earth. 6. they flew a little higher than they were when i saw them, then flew at a high rate of speed, out of my vision in less than a minute.