UFO Sighting in Santee, California on 2017-07-14 22:15:00 - Very large w or m shaped craft

Black Triangle Sighting in Jay, Florida on 2017-08-31 22:15:00 - Sighted during drive home

UFO Sighting in Findlay, Illinois on 2017-08-21 00:00:00 - Watching meteor shower. meteor like streak however leaving a long light trail and not a straight line

Black Triangle Sighting in Vaughn, Washington on 2007-03-31 20:30:00 - Large triangle spotted hovering in my neighborhood

UFO Sighting in Wilson, Michigan on 2017-08-31 22:30:00 - Very bright. looked like a plane. hard to tell shape. i got pics. though their late because of lack of finding video app, so i just did pics

UFO Sighting in Gig Harbor, Washington on 2006-09-30 06:30:00 - Stationary object with dull lights or windows over gig harbor

UFO Sighting in Hagerstown, Maryland on 2017-08-26 04:09:00 - Lights did not move and no strobe and then they were gone that fast.A second and it was gone.

UFO Sighting in Monroe, Louisiana on 2017-08-13 13:24:00 - Driving down interstate, see funny object, got out phone in token to take a picture. turned around to look at it and it wasn't gone

UFO Sighting in Odessa, Texas on 2000-07-16 02:02:00 - A v shaped object and orbs and i believe i was also taken

UFO Sighting in Bendorf, Rhineland-Palatinate on 2017-08-26 20:30:00 - 2-3 dozens of white spheres hovering on an upside-down-triangle formation. they reshaped into a vertical line and absorbed themselves until the last one got wake on brightness and vanished.

Daily UFO Headlines 8/31/2017

UFO Sighting in Olympia, Washington on 2015-11-25 23:27:00 - In forest at night. 2 white lights saw in sky hovering. both moved down then went up leaving trail.

UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 2017-08-31 00:00:00 - Flashing of a bright light followed by a small flash of light.

Black Triangle Sighting in Edgewood, Maryland on 2017-08-30 20:30:00 - Glowing almost fire like object obseved flying before vanising.

UFO Sighting in Swampscott, Massachusetts on 2017-08-19 21:54:00 - Lights that rose and fell above the horizon i think near boston, south east of logan airport

UFO Sighting in Portland, Texas on 2017-08-30 23:10:00 - Driving and saw 2 green lights and chased it after about a min of chasing it vanished and left a trail

UFO Sighting in Westminster, California on 2013-01-03 01:09:00 - Very scary

UFO Sighting in Hendersonville, Tennessee on 2017-08-21 13:47:00 - Unknown object found in eclipse photos.

Huge Wave Burst Anomaly Caught On MIMIC Over Pacific Ocean

UFO Sighting in Anaheim, California on 2017-04-06 23:32:00 - I saw a large moon sized super bright object with very colorful rings around it. also was a faintly glowing orb darting around, moving in and out of the large object, and moving extremely fast at very sharp angles

UFO Sighting in Grant, Michigan on 1993-03-15 22:15:00 - Event started about 9:45 and viewed it moving from s to n front our lake front lot on hess lake, passed overhead a bit w yet over head, i viewed it with others and even viewed it through my zoom lens camera, b&w film showed no images filmed seemed ruined

UFO Sighting in Lake Arthur, Louisiana on 2014-07-14 07:01:00 - Dark colored object

UFO Sighting in Lakewood, Ohio on 2017-08-27 19:30:00 - Flew by plane, object was dark, couldnt tell what it was

UFO Sighting in Chaska, Minnesota on 2017-08-30 14:12:00 - 5 black orbs in a formation

UFO Sighting in Boynton Beach, Florida on 2017-08-30 00:00:00 - I took a photo of the rising morning sun. after returning home i looked at the photo and saw this object that i did not see atelier.

Black Triangle Sighting in Kenwick, Western Australia on 2017-08-04 05:00:00 - Was out in the front yard having a smoke , went bck inside an seen i had pictures on my ph at that time an the pictures were take 600m away in the park across the rd an i never left the front yard

UFO Sighting in De kalb, Texas on 2017-08-24 20:30:00 - Bright lit craft, no blinking lights, dropped small star like lights or orbs, then turned and went other direction.