UFO Sighting in Wayne, New Jersey on 2017-06-21 03:30:00 - Very bright light in sky. it looked like three circles combined in a triangle. one on top two on the bottom. i watched it for about ten minutes then the lights went off and about 1 minute later they came back on. then they went off again.

I was walking my dog. i thought i kept seeing lights like a car driving down the st. but every time i liked there was no car. then i saw this triangle with circles in the sky. it wasn't moving. i watched it for about ten minutes then the lights went out. like flipping a switch. then they came back on....My dog tried to run and pulled me. the lights went off again...I came inside and wrote this. i thought it might be a plane but no green or red lights. then i noticed shape better. orbs in a triangle.Very bright lights. i never really believed in if is but my sister and mom said they saw one. i thought wow this thing is weird. i wonder what it was. it just hovered and turned the lights on and off. when the lights went out i couldn't see it anymore. i just stood there watching it wondering what it could be. curious not afraid.Posted to fool first.