UFO Sighting in Vernon Hills, Illinois on 2017-06-24 23:32:00 - 7 red and orange lights changed to white

I was traveling home with my wife home when we saw red lights in the sky. the sky was clear without clouds and the temperature i my car marked outside 61 degrees. arriving a few blocks from my house , my wife saw the red lights on the from and then we started taking photos and stopped the car and started taking video with my wife's iphone because mine had the battery very low. the lights were red and orange and in one moment changed to white. it was exciting since a few years ago we had had this kind of experience but the lights were very distant. at one point i thought i could communicate with them and flashed my car lights and coincidentally one of the lights that passed also turned off and lit the same way i had . the viewing was brief and in a quick moment they could no longer be seen.