UFO Sighting in Trimsaran, Wales on 1996-06-10 04:30:00 - Looked like the sun and was followed by 3 black helicopters

When i was 16 living in my parents house at the time i got up in the night to use the upstairs bathroom at 4.30 am gmt, i seen a pulsating round ufo from the window that looked like the sun which was flying slowly at a low altitude passing over a coal mining area (now closed) which was followed by 3 black helicopters, the ufo was bigger than the helicopters and i watched them slowly pass by for 10 seconds. i dont think ive ever told this story to anyone before but after seeing your tv show hanger 1, i thought of what i saw when i was 16 and thought you might be interested and it was something ill never forget. i hope this information helps in anyway to you. thanks for reading dave b