UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on 2017-06-03 19:40:00 - Witnessed a grey cylinder slowly rotate counterclockwise while lying in a park in downtown toronto. i alerted the two people i was with and visually tracked the object to the ne.The object reflected light as it spun around.

the three of us were in a toronto park that overlooks the downtown core. i was lying on my back when directly above me i spotted a grey cylinder in the sky slowly revolving backwards .I pointed at the object with my arm and asked" what is that" to my friends and continued to visually track the object on its northward flight path.The object rotated about every 10 seconds and i could clearly see the side reflecting light from the sun.I lost sight of the object over the horizon. when it had passed i asked what the time was 7:45 pm june 3 2017.I then commented that we had just seen a ufo. what was upsetting was that this thing defied all principals of flight.It had no wings, no sound , no engine. i could say this has been a life changing event for me for now when i see photos of ufos i have to believe the photos are real.