UFO Sighting in Toledo, Ohio on 2014-10-05 20:53:00 - Ufo of orange color with red dots fire effect. oval shape, without making any noise. it doesn't look like anything known, at least for us.

We are in toledo, in the peña del rey moro. after watching the sunset, an orange object in the form of light emerged from the west. as we passed near our zenith we could see that it was a mixture between orange and red, with red points of light that remembered the fire. my friend was the one who first saw the object, for it was looking that way. at first we just looked and as we approached we found that it was not known. my reaction was to amaze and record a video with my mobile phone, but i did not use zoom and it is not appreciated like what we really saw. the object continued heading northwest and was lost on the horizon.