UFO Sighting in Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha on 2017-06-24 01:05:00 - Large group of white lights (about 30 objects or more), somewhat smaller than the international space station. they all flew in the same direction.

My second ufo experience in the city of toledo (spain). we returned from the celebration of the bonfire of san juan (party of the summer solstice in spain) and going by the known in the city as an ecological path, next to the tagus river, we looked up to the sky and saw a group of lights almost on our heads. we quickly realized that they could not be planes (no noise), or satellites (never fly so many together and it was late, so the sun could no longer reflect their rays in them), nor drones, nor chinese lanterns (because they were very fast and seemed to fly at high altitude), or anything that we knew. our reaction was one of great astonishment. they carried a movement of constant speed and rectilineal. when we looked up some had already passed near our zenith and others were coming, following the first. they were lost by the horizon, which marked a cliff by the river, so our view of the sky was not very wide.