UFO Sighting in Ticknall , England on 2017-06-14 22:10:00 - bright orange fireballs over reservoir

I was out walking my dog on the 14th of june 2017 at about 22:00. i was walking down repton lane when i noticed what looked like a bright light above foremark reservoir. it was directly above the reservoir and was not moving. it was quite small and seemed to be about 100-200ft away from my position. i walked a bit closer and noticed that there was one central object that was a sort of orange/red colour. there were three or four smaller orbs rotating around it. i continued to approach and took several photographs on my mobile phone only to find that as i did so the camera overheated and the photos came out looking overexposed for some reason. i had never seen an object like this before. there is a flight path in the area so i see commercial and sometimes military planes all of the time but this was not a plane or helicopter. it was a stationery, silent ball of light. it almost looked like it was on fire. i tried to record the object but whenever i did, my phone screen would flash red and pink and the quality was bad. after watching for about 3-4 minutes, all of the smaller objects returned to the large central orb and seemed to enter it. then the large orb descended into the woodlands around the reservoir. i could see the orange light flowing through the trees. after about half a minute the light suddenly vanished. i stayed around the area until 23:00, when it was fully dark and saw nothing else at all.