UFO Sighting in Thrissur, Kerala on 1948-03-31 00:00:00 - Molten flying ufo

This incident was witnessed by my father and his brother when they were children. they were playing football in the fields near their home, near trichur. the year was 1958, and the month was april. while my father was playing in the fields, he looked towards the sky at the horizon, and he saw three molten flying objects dash across the sky from the se horizon. they were spinning, and he described them as 'molten metal spheres with a tail'. they were reddish orange and glowing. they were moving very fast, and by the time my father called his brother to see them they had gone off the horizon. as my father was explaining to his brother about the objects in the sky, and they were looking at the horizon. within the next few minutes, the three globes returned. this time they were flying in the opposite direction, and they flew past. this time my uncle also watched them fly across the sky along with my father.