UFO Sighting in Silver Spring, Maryland on 2017-06-04 18:30:00 - 6/4/2017 6.30 in the evening, silver spring md the objects 10/11 were floating quietly very transparent like nothing inside.

The crafts 12 of them, were floating very slowly forming a rectangular cigar shaped formation first 4 of them leading the other crafts, moving very slowly with 2 triangular shaped small crafts following the bigger cigar shaped rectangular formation with one craft guiding in the middle. there was no sound around all these crafts. the crafts looked clear and transparent with a larger crafts guiding some of the smaller crafts that also formed a triangle shape following the rectangular ones. there was no beings in the craft. the witness did not experience any abduction or sense of missing time etc. the light weight and transparency of the craft almost like a fabric, clear white, which made it suspect that it is a ufo not a drone. no landing or abduction. none