UFO Sighting in Santa rosa 36 miles away, California on 2017-04-06 02:10:00 - Rectangle shape with lights flashing like xmas lights high in s sky. looked like a tvremote. the lights moving in a clockwise direction, a large pinkish/white meteoric emission burst from upper right cornerfrof rectangle. faded quickly. lights running

got out of bed to go to bathroom. as i walked by windows, eye caught lights moving in sky. "tv remote" shaped object with bright lights moving- running in clockwise direction inside edge of object, resembled christmas lights in organization and blinking speed. had no idea what it was, much too strange a sight. very bright lights. nothing random about it. pretty scary. as i watched, bright pink/ white plume shape burst out and fell toward earth. looked like pink meteor. only one time diid i see plume. ran to get spouse to verify. he fell getting out of bed and could not go view object(s) after tending to him object still sitting there over an hour but i went back to bed. from my view it was near several stars but larger, indicating closer distance, i think. have not seen it or anything like this since. thanks for chance to report this strange event. it reminded me of a space vehicle stopped travel to change a tire or something!