UFO Sighting in Saint Clair, Missouri on 2017-06-14 06:00:00 - Bright white reflective surface, no 'wings', no windows, no propulsion visible, larger than a cessna, smaller than a learjet.

On or about the 14th of june, 2017 (or possibly the 7th) (yes, i know i should have done this immediately!!!), at approximately 0600 hrs central daylight time, four (4) miles north of st. clair, missouri (63077) while traveling southbound on missouri state hwy. 47 i noticed what appeared to be a high-altitude commercial or military jet moving at altitude from my due south towards my northwest at what appeared to be a reasonable speed for what it should have been. the only anomalies i noticed were it's brilliant white color (similar to the reflection of sunlight from a home slide or movie screen) and a narrow, vertical dark band just forward of the halfway point on the 'fuselage'. no vapor trail was seen (and i looked for this, specifically). at no time did the trajectory vary, nor did the apparent speed. i expected this bright 'sunrise' reflection to dim or disappear as the apparent angle to the sun & myself changed, but it never did the entire time i had it in sight (approximately 4 - 5 minutes). for a short time, i considered that it might be an iss 'flash', or similar satellite 'flash', but i've seen those before and they are shorter in duration. it took me about 3+ minutes to find a place to safely pull over, into a driveway, and get out binoculars. by this time, it was parallel to me, or slightly receding to the northwest. the best description i can give is as follows: my initial altitude estimate is changed to probably 10,000 feet, as opposed to an altitude where a vapor trail would be created. concomitantly, my speed estimate is reduced from commercial/military jet speed to approximately 225 m.P.H. (plus or minus about 50 mph). by the time i could use the binoculars, the front of the object was not visible due to the angle. the 'fuselage' was square, and i estimate it at 6 ft. high & 6 ft. wide & about 24 - 30 ft. long, overall. the tail was a tapered, convex cone shape comprising approximately the last 15% of the fuselage. there were no wings, although there was, on the starboard side, what appeared to be a very stubby wing box root protruding less than a foot along the top edge of the fuselage approximately 40% back from the apparent front end. there were no windows visible at all. there was no propeller in front or rear, no other 'pods' or engine nacelles, no emissions, no visible exhaust, no vapor trail(s), no nothing. i heard nothing from this object. it's flight path was absolutely straight & level, without variation. there were no other flight control surfaces, whatsoever. it's appearance never varied in the level of (apparently) reflected light. it was always brilliant white, with a very narrow, discernible vertical darkish line at approximately the rear of the stub wing box root area. this dark stripe did not appear to be a shadow. as far as my 'feelings' go, this is not my first ufo sighting, just the first that i'm reporting (i'd love to sit face-to-face with someone about my first sighting - - it was spectacular!!!!!). i don't scare easily and i was not concerned about this sighting in the least. i'm as rational as it gets. after the sighting i went another mile down the road to the local mcdonalds and had breakfast. i lost sight of the object as it receded into the distance, pretty much out of range of the binoculars that i had, and i had to get going, anyway..... overall, i'd never have stopped to look, if i didn't think the brilliant white reflectiveness was unusual. i'm not unfamiliar with commercial jets, military aircraft, corporate aircraft and aviation in general. what i saw was none of the above, nor was it some homebuilt experimental craft. it was, in my opinion, unidentifiable, flying, and an object. if you have photographs of this particular object, or one(s) like it, i'd love to see it, or them..... as an aside, i have a decent video camera, which, after this event, is now in the car with me at all times!! (yes, it's charged!!) thanks for your time & attention to this report. just as important, thanks for having the means to make this report!!!!! my work phone number is listed, above. i'm available tuesday thru friday, 10:am to 5:pm. if i don't answer, or can't talk, try again, or leave a callback number. thanks, again. saxon cole