UFO Sighting in Redwood City, California on 2015-01-31 06:26:00 - Bright beam of light soars with trail then poofs into sunrise

It was around 6:20 am and the sun was just beginning to rise, but right at the point where it is still dark. i was driving south on junipero serra freeway 280 in redwood city ca. i was passing farm hill exit and i noticed the brightest stream of light i've ever seen shooting across the sky. it was slow moving and immediately grabbed my attention because of it's size and color. i had no idea what to think when i first saw it. possibly a bomb? possibly an astroid? shooting star? it kept going it a straight motion. the best way i can describe it is with force. it wasn't moving around or doing any horizontal/vertical maneuvers. it was blasting straight into the direction of the ocean right over the hills of woodside. being so early in the morning there was only 2 or 3 other cars headed in my same direction, and they all were noticing spectacular light beam as well. i took a few pictures with my iphone. the weirdest part was how the light beam suddenly seem to change from a fully intact stream of light to a circular object leaving a trail of circular "poofs" of where i'm guessing it used to be. it seemed to just appear and leave a mark in the place it was before then disappear. at this point the sun rose. and it was gone from my view. i had just reached woodside road exit when it disappeared and was replaced with the sun rise. after i saw this i had no idea what it was and that was disturbing. it wasn't something that i could explain away with "oh it's a plane" or "balloon". nothing was ever reported on the news about it. friends i have shown the pictures to speculate that it could have been a military or nasa, but 100% can't say for certain. hope someone can solve this mystery!