UFO Sighting in Peterborough, England on 2017-06-04 22:20:00 - Bright white spherical shape travelling at extreme speed.

At around 22:10, i witnessed a large, boeing style aircraft travelling slowly south east to north west and only noticed it as looked as though interior lights were on, however, when i grabbed my binoculars, i noticed that it was a white aircraft, obviously reflecting the sun low down on the horizon. it made a noise and traveled reasonably slowly. at 22:20, whilst having a cigarette with my neighbour, we see an extremely bright light travelling at some speed, when i say speed, i have seen the sr71 fly flat out over mildenhall on its last so called flight in the early 90's. well that wasn't a patch on what we see tonight. this thing really moved, straight line, no noise, no flashing lights, just a bright sphere. i looked at it through my binoculars, and it was brighter than jupiter, so could not make any markings or shapes out. i thought it could have been the iss, only i checked that out and it was over america at that time. it was also within our atmosphere. there were no afterburners either, though i know there are no modern fighters as fast as this thing was.