UFO Sighting in New Albany, Indiana on 2017-06-26 00:00:00 - Jet fast object in the sky emitting lightning bright lights on the street. i ran after it and couldn't keep up. then it disappeared

My gf, her little brother and i were chilling in my car and my gf and her brother at first saw a light moving in a weird direction really and. as the object was moving at very high speeds it would change direction as if it was teleporting. it seemed to disappear after every second. and then completely disappeared. when i first saw it i look at the windshield and saw an object like appeared to have flames on the end and really bright lights. i jetted out of the car because i know what i saw but i couldn't see it in detail so i tried chasing it but it was going so fast and after it went past the treetops it disappeared. all of us are still in awe at what we saw. we compared observations after it disappeared and they all matched up