UFO Sighting in Mount Ida, Arkansas on 2017-06-22 00:00:00 - Fuzzy white round light with slight tailing moving below ridgeline of mountain in broad day light. went out of sight behind trees. had to be no further than a half mile away. t

I was driving south on highway 27 south, about 5 miles south of mt. ida, arkansas. noticed a white fuzzy round light, with a slight tail, moving west just below the mountain ridge line that runs east and west. moving at a moderate rate, about like a helicopter would. thought it was a helicopter at first, but it was a round ball of light and it was around 3 pm with absolutely clear vision. it went behind a lower ridge line and i drove on past the location. it was only visible for about five to ten seconds. the distance was about half a mile, which was easy to estimate because it was below the ridge line and went behind another lower ridge line. so i had an exact estimate of the distance to the object. i was a pilot in the service and am quite familiar with identifying objects in the sky. no doubt in my mind it was not a traditional aircraft.