UFO Sighting in Medford, New Jersey on 2017-06-14 00:00:00 - Driving home from work, three hovering lights, flight path ne.

Driving home from work after working an evening shift. clear skies the whole drive home, big red moon just on the horizon. turned into my neighborhood and onto my street, which has a lot of tree coverage on the sides but i could clearly see jet plane lights high above, not uncommon for the area. at 0016 (1216am), on my right side through a break in the foliage, i saw three yellowish-white lights in triangle pattern hovering still, about 400ft above the houses on the street adjacent to where i was. i slowed to to about 15mph to get a look at the lights, thinking it might have been a new floodlight on a neighbor's house, when the three lights suddenly flew ne from a standstill. the lights held their pattern, making me believe it was a single object with three lights. the object/lights went from hovering to moving extremely quickly; there was no build-up of speed like with a drone or plane/jet. the object emitting the lights flew off within 10sec of when i first pulled onto the street and noticed the lights, and had disappeared over the treeline to the ne (heading toward medford lakes over jackson road and toward uptown medford) in under 5sec. there was no noise, no other cars/people around that i could see, few streetlights on, and the object left no trace.