UFO Sighting in Marietta, Georgia on 2017-06-27 23:45:00 - A friend and i observed a light in the sky that moved, stopped, then moved in a different direction.

Sitting outside,a couple of friends and i were talking and having a cigarette. i was observing the constellations when i noticed what looked like a star in movement. i pointed up and called it out at which point one of my friends saw it as well. we watched it for about a minute when it came to a stop. we almost lost sight of it because of how similar to a star it was. however it changed direction and began moving in a similar manner. i can definitely say that it was not a shooting star (too slow), it was not an airplane (no left and right lights, red and green and no sound), not a meteor no tail. it was either high in the sky meaning it was huge and moving fast or it was closer and tiny, which i doubt very much. to be honest this is not my first encounter. its the fourth. in this area. however this is the second time in this location that i have a witness. i have no pictures but can provide any additional information you need. i want to know how many people have experienced this. i believe that you guys can help me. please contact me. thank you for your time.