UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2017-06-24 21:52:00 - Ok so this is absolutely incredible! 6 unidentified flying objects. i'm a ufo fanatic! not the first time i've seen them. this is the best proof i've seen so far in person and was able to go live with. i was close and trust me... i have two airports by my

My friend and i were just parking in front of the laundry mat. we both got out of the car. i happen to notice the lights first. then pointed it out. others happen to be around and look up. at first i made sure to understand what i was looking at. i have to airports by my house. we also have a lot of sky activity with police or news helicopters. it wasn't a light show, fireworks of definitely not a flare gun. they had know sound. then i noticed the formation and the quantity. there were six of them... then it appear as a big dipper formation. i knew then i was looking at something very unusual. they were amber color. orange, red color. no blinking lights or any kind of common sighting i've ever seen before in our skies. i was thrilled by what i was looking at. it's not my first time seeing ufo's. but i knew getting proof now was going to be easy. i shot a snap chat fist, followed by filming a live video with my iphone through facebook. the sighting was about three minutes from the time we noticed them till they one by one disappeared. the camera didn't capture their exit. it look like they flew up. almost something out of a sci-fi movie. like a teleport effect. then they were all gone.