UFO Sighting in Layton, Utah on 2017-06-19 19:00:00 - 2 obj: star-shaped, pulsating. ball-shaped, no light

Was in front yard with friend, mike adams, wife and two children ages 22 and 26. live just south of hill afb. an airforce tanker passed overhead in the landing pattern which drew our attention. i was the first to notice the ufo. it was north of us in almost the exact same place as the last one i reported in 2016 at about a 45 degree angle from us and appearing to be directly east of hill afb. the ufo flashed, but not in a regular pattern. at times the flashes were very bright and at other times quite dim. as the ufo moved south to be overhead another one joined it to the east of us and traveling in the same direction. the second ufo did not flash, was copper-colored and circular like a ball. i was unable to get a picture of the copper ufo. both ufo's were quite high in the air (pos 1,500 ft+) and moving south at a leasurely rate. each continued to rise until they passed through the clouds which were high cirrus clouds. the event lasted approx 20 minutes. no sound was heard and no discernable emmissions from either ufo. since the event is near hill afb and there was obvious air traffic it makes no sense that the ufos were weather balloons. they could have been mylar balloons, but appeared to be too large and were clearly visible as they passed through the light cloud cover that was above the francis peak radar station which is at 9,560 feet altitude. my location is at 4,500 feet altitude, making the ufos over 5,000 feet above us as they passed through the clouds which was at a 45 degree angle. that means they were over 2.5 miles away when they disappeared from view. final point- when the star-shaped ufo passed directly overhead it looked like it had some sort of structure attached to its bottom. i could not get my phone to focus on it. i eventually gave up on the phone and ran inside and grabbed my canon eos rebel t6 and shot the last few photos with it showing the star-shaped ufo as it was passing through the clouds.