UFO Sighting in Kentucky on 2017-06-25 00:00:00 - Appeared suddenly and disappeared behind a nearby hill.

I was on a docked boat at the marina of green river lake. was sitting on the top deck of the boat. i had a strange feeling something was above me, then i looked up and noticed the object. at first i thought it was a fire work due to its appearance, then realized it was too large and that it was too late to be setting them off. once i knew what it was, i told two friends to look up and that there was a ufo. one of my friends spotted it, but the other one could not. although, it was clearly in the sky. it seemed like it moved faster once my other friend saw it. when i noticed it, i saw no change in speed. it also felt like i was suppose to notice it. i've dreamt of ufo's a lot here lately, so it didn't seem like a coincidence. the object made no sound, which ruled out it being a firework. the object descended and disappeared behind a tree like just above the marina parking lot. it moved too swiftly to be an airplane or helicopter. after seeing it, it affected my thought process. i seemed to start questioning many things (life, purpose, our place in the universe, etc.) & since the sighting i have felt like i am moving at a slower pace physically and mentally. my memory is normally great, but since last night i have lost track of time and events that i have done during the day. also have had an uneasy feeling of being watched or that something "bad" is going to happen. i have experienced a migraine immediately since the sighting.