UFO Sighting in Johns Island, South Carolina on 2016-08-13 00:00:00 - 4 of us were taken out of the lake by a very bright white-blue light. reality was distorted as well as our memory. we retained much of what happened.

There were 4 of us paddleboarding on the lake at around 2 am. a very bright light approached us on the shore and enveloped us. next thing we knew is we were all coming-to on the beach around 75 yards from where we were taken. our boards were still out in the lake, bizzarely enough. none of us were physically injured as far as we know. it did however and still does take a toll on our mental strength. i guess we are more so just happy we weren't taken forever. none of us remember the time that we were gone. we just remember coming back to consciousness on shore all pretty much at the same time. though some of us have more interesting recall of what happened, we all share the same experience.