UFO Sighting in Jerome, Arizona on 2017-06-17 00:00:00 - Blinking, pulsating, bright lights hovering then slowly moving down right in arc, crickets stopped completely, compass not working.

Still out there now after watching for 1 hour with 15x70 celestron skymaster binoculars. my compass stopped working so i'm not sure of the direction, but it started out higher in the sky, about 60 degrees from ground, when i came inside it was about 45 deg. i was shaken up by all the crickets and the occasional bird chirps just stopping all at once and everything was suddenly very silent, made me feel on edge. i thought there must be some explanation, a star or something visible tonight, but it doesn't behave like all the other stars at all and looks very colorful, with a lot of white and red blinking lights and green pulsing light. it is a single object, not sure of the actual shape but seems to be triangular (it's a distance and hard to see without a tripod). this is the 2nd one i've seen this week. i went out only an hour before to smoke a cigarette and there was nothing there, then it was there around 2am and i stayed out for about an hour watching it hover a little left and right and then it started moving in an arc down to the right which took about 10 min. that's when everything suddenly stopped and was completely silent and i came back inside. when i tried to use my compass on my phone to see exactly which direction it was (i'm not good with direction) it wasn't working. tried relaunching it 4 times and it was just stuck at 358 deg. north, so i found a regular compass and that wasn't working either, it was also just stuck pointing north so i had to look at a map to see it was in the nw direction. i went back outside one last time to see if it was still there about 20 min. later and it was gone.