UFO Sighting in Indianapolis, Indiana on 2017-06-20 19:45:00 - Saw 5 silver round objects and then photos revealed large glowing green discs

My daughter-in-law and i went for a late dinner at a deli at around 7:30 pm and ate on the patio outside. the day had been beautiful and cloudless but a cloud front moved in and the leading edge of the cloud front was gorgeous and illuminated from the sun. so it really had my full attention. i was facing to the south and my daughter-in-law (s) was facing to the north. the clouds were coming in from the west. i noticed an extremely bright round silvery shining object floating upward above a few stray clouds to the north. it moved pretty slowly upward and ascended so far up that i lost sight of it. then, i saw a second one of the same variety only it was ahead of the stray clouds and it moved westward and then upward behind the clouds. by this time i knew what i was looking at - no way was this a plane. after a few minutes the one in the clouds reappeared and i asked (s) to look at it. we both watched it quickly change directions from moving upward to moving east and then a second one appeared at the same time floating upwards. aside from the quick changes in direction, they were moving smoothly and fairly slowly till we lost sight of them. the a commercial plane flew by in nearly the same area. it was pretty high up but i imagine that the pilots would have been able to see them as well. (s) began considering a logical explanation - maybe drones which i entertained as a possibility. and then i saw a 5th one of the same moving much lower and then it quickly changed direction and disappeared as it ascended out of sight. i have no doubt that these were not drones. the incoming cloud front changed shape at the edges and took on the form of an alligator so i snapped a few photos. it wasn't till i uploaded the photos to my mac book that i saw the large neon green disc hovering above a nearby building. i took the second photo right after the 1st and the disc had moved a a good distance away in such a short period of time.