UFO Sighting in Humacao, Humacao on 2017-06-17 11:00:00 - 3 objects. one in vertical direction descended more than 500ft 90 deg vertical in less than one second. another metallic-color object on same photo with 2 sharp ends.

I was on my home and decided to go to a hill very close to my home to take pictures to the south-east. i noticed the objects right at the same place when reviewing them on my camera. i thought the objects were some kind of flying saucers since i noticed it has shape. one object with unknown shape flew in less than one second from above 500ft to below 500ft in 90 degrees vertical. another metallic sharp-end at the top and bottom shaped object was below the unknown fast-moving object in less than one second in one of the sequence of photos. i felt this is the first time i got clear-pictures of unknown objects moving so fast to be ours. the objects left the sight of my camera. i included more photos of other objects that happened to be very close to this event.