UFO Sighting in Glen Innes, New South Wales on 2017-06-22 20:39:00 - Very very bright stat like thing in the sky moving in a very strange pattern, sharp terns, going on for quite a long time.

Hello, my mother went to bed and her bed faces a large window that opens out onto farming land. she called me in saying "there is a ufo". at first i just laughed and i went into her room, i could see all the stars in the sky (we live in a rural area so we can always see many stars) and i did notice a very bright star much lower then the other stars. my mum was saying it was moving and i was laughing and i made her point out exactly where it was. but then i saw it move - it moved very abruptly about 1cm in the sky, then it kind of hovered and then moved again in the same manner. this went on for quite a long time. the star was extremely bright and behaving in this very strange way, i have never seen anything like it. i am not sure if it was a ufo but i though you should know because it was a very strange thing to see and my mother and i saw the same thing. thank you for you time, also i tried to film it on my iphone but it was to far away to focus on.