UFO Sighting in Dayton, Washington on 2017-06-22 10:15:00 - Bird-like ufos disappeared and reappeared

I was driving my daughter from dayton, wa towards waitsburg, wa on 12. i saw what at first looked like a flock of six white birds. however, their flight pattern was not bird-like and their wings were not flapping. usually, birds fly in a v shaped formation, but these objects were flying in a box formation. then i noticed that they were not actually white, but a very shiny silver and flashing a white light. at that point, i said to my daughter, "what is that?" as i said it, all six ufos disappeared from sight. my daughter looked and said, "what's what?" at this point, i decided to say, "nevermind" because i thought i was just seeing things. before i could say it, as my daughter and i were still looking at the skyline, the ufos rematerialized before our eyes. this was a clear day with zero cloud cover; thus, it wasn't that they had been behind a cloud. during my viewing they disappeared three times and reappeared twice. when they disappeared, they were invisible for more than just a few seconds. we eventually lost sight of them because after their final disappearance. the experience just left me feeling unsettled with many questions running through my head and hoping that other people saw it too.